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Fishwalk for Business

Whether you are a company or a school, Fishwalk supports your employees and students to develop the English oral communication skills necessary for success in their careers.

For Business

For School

The Benefits

Conversational Skills

Practice having judgment-free conversations in English with our AI tutor.

Speech and Pronunciation

Our AI-powered speech recognition technology quickly and accurately recognizes mistakes. And our AI tutor corrects these errors and teaches how to speak clearly with a standard American accent and intonation.


Our curriculum and AI tutor are available on demand 24/7/365.


Stay motivated with our AI personal coach. Have a positive learning experience with constant reminders, encouragement and ways to track progress.

Industry-Specific Curriculum

Take advantage of content with exercises and exams targeted to your industry.

Personalized Learning

Learn from an engaging curriculum designed for the specificities of each learner´s native language.

Seize this opportunity to train employees at scale and help students reach fluency in English faster.

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