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Improve your English  to excel in your career.

Speak English fluently and confidently in record time with Fishwalk, your AI speaking coach and tutor. It’s like having a conversation with a private native English teacher specialized in pronunciation and accent reduction.  

Say hello to your personal AI English tutor.

Mastering English for work has never been this easy and effective.  AI-powered voice recognition technology will help you significantly improve your speech, pronunciation and conversational skills. 

Your personal AI tutor provides:

Stress-free conversational practice with realistic and customizable conversation topics

Talk with a responsive and interactive AI tutor.

Instant and detailed feedback on pronunciation mistakes

Step-by-step corrections on how to speak with a standard American accent.

Convenient language coaching anytime, anywhere

Your AI tutor keeps you accountable, reminding you to stay consistently on track of your goals.

The Fishwalk Difference

Thrive at work with leading-edge technology. AI-powered tools combined with linguistic expertise result in reliable solutions.


Our deep learning-based model personalizes content and feedback based on your individual language needs and learning preferences.


Our adaptive machine learning model continuously and automatically tailors the curriculum to your career, industry, and type of employment.


Precise speech recognition technology distinguishes non-native English accents and speech patterns in order to accurately correct your pronunciation.


Generative AI is used in speech production during explanations by and real-world conversations with your AI tutor.

The Fishwalk Advantage

What sets us apart ? Effective language learning that results in practical and measurable progress that you can apply at work.


Unique curriculum for professional English

Our curriculum is tailored to the expectations and requirements of your trade or profession. No matter your educational background, count on us to support you to level up at work.


Focus on accent reduction and speech coaching

Go beyond instant grammar feedback and vocabulary exercises done in isolation. Perfect your accent through precise feedback on your pronunciation and intonation. Get corrected in context while speaking so that you can understand and be understood in English.


High level of personalization

Benefit from personalized lesson plans according to your objectives with an AI-personal assistant supporting you. Learn from a customized curriculum and speaking exercises targeting the specific challenges that speakers of your native language face.


We are a dedicated team working together to help break down language barriers and build bridges for effective communication.


Our AI-powered mobile app, Fishwalk, supports language learners in passing exams, excelling at work and advancing in their careers.


We aim to democratize language learning so that anyone can unlock better economic opportunities and improve their quality of life.


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